As SAHETI’s alumni, we are indeed privileged to perceive the progress being made by the ΣAHETI Alumni Association in playing a pivotal role in the prosperity of SAHETI and all who live it, both now and in the future.

The seeds of an idea sown in 2012 have quickly come to fruition - the Association is growing into a strong and vibrant body of people who will increasingly not only assist SAHETI School in the achievement of its many endeavours, but who will continue to be its proud ambassadors, be it here at home in South Africa, or around the globe.

It is an endeavour of the ΣAHETI Alumni Association to assist those alumni who need financial assistance in order to make the education of their children at SAHETI, possible. To this end, I am filled with pride as the SAHETI Alumni Support Fund (established in February 2015) has provided financial assistance to a number of SAHETI families. The Association is steadfast in its drive to raise further funds for the benefit of this noble purpose.

IThe ΣAHETI Alumni Association’s newsletter is increasingly becoming a major form of communication and information – from showcasing the achievements of our alumni, to keeping in touch with events and milestones achieved by the school. This year, we expanded our social media initiatives and we are hoping to add new and exciting networking capabilities.

FReunions are happening at a cracking pace, with record numbers of alumni attending - bringing alumni together and creating opportunities for the alumni to get a taste for the SAHETI of today. This year, the Association hosted four major reunions - Class of 1986 (30 year), Class of 2007 (10 years), Class of 1997 (20 years), and Class of 1987 (30 years).

This year, the ΣAHETI Alumni Association Committee has worked hard at consolidating the progress made over the past five years in evolving into an organisation that can stand proudly as a meaningful contributor to the prosperity of the school. I thank all members of the Alumni Committee for their foresight, dedication and loyalty.

It is my wish that more of you become involved at any level that may interest you. Please feel free to communicate with our Alumni Office.

This is your alumni community, and we value your feedback on how we should further enhance our alumni engagement efforts. Please let us know what we do well - and where we need to improve. You can send your comments and suggestions to

Thank you for your continued involvement as a member of our outstanding alumni community..

Gary Ttappous
Chairman - SAHETI Alumni Association
Class of 1981

28 November 2018

Kalanda/Carols Evening


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4 MARCH 2017

Rugby Sevens And Netball Festival 2017

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Maira Koutsoudakis / Class of 1991

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