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Margarita Andreou


I commenced my schooling at SAHETI in Grade 1. After spending 12 years of my life at school where friends became family, I matriculated in 2009. Being an ambitious young teen, I felt the need to spread my wings and explore beyond the school and away from the people I schooled with for so many years. I wanted a new chapter. I followed my passion ...

Desi Nicolopoulos

Speech And Language Therapist Class Of 2002

My career began at SAHETI at the tender age of 3 in the nursery school, and I spent all my school years here, matriculating in 2002. With this strong foundation, I was excited at the prospect of attending the University of the Witwatersrand where I would have access to diverse experiences in a broad, diverse environment – something t ...

Joanne Odysseos

English subject advisor & learner support specialist Class of 1999

After matriculating and completing her Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in English Literature and Social Anthropology at the University of Wits she went on to enrol for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Wits which she completed with distinction in 2004. With her noteworthy achievements SAHETI appointed Joanne in 2004 as an English teac ...

Petros Parginos

Father Petros Parginos, Chaplin Class of 1982

Although nowadays most of us identify Father Petros as the school chaplain, he has a long association with SAHETI. Over two decades ago, in 1990, he was appointed as a teacher in the Greek department and was later promoted to HOD of Greek in the High School. SAHETI is very close to his heart and explains that “to work in a school t ...

Stefania Pitt

Grade 8 & 9 English Class of 2010

I attended SAHETI School from nursery school until Matric. It was an experience where I gained a second family - from my friends, to my classmates, to the entire ethos of SAHETI School. After matriculating, it took a while to adjust to the passive atmosphere of university; every students goes about their own journey and aims, the lecturers are d ...

Nektaria Stivastis

Speech And Language Therapist Class Of 2003

I am one of the fortunate few individuals that spent my entire schooling career at SAHETI. I entered SAHETI as a 3 year old little girl in Grade 000 and left SAHETI as a proud matriculant in 2003. The years in between were what made me who I am today. My years at SAHETI were some of the most memorable, where I met people with whom I have become ...

Nadia Tsiaparis

SAHETI Grade 3 teacher Class of 2008

As a past pupil of SAHETI, it is both an honour and a privilege to be teaching at my old school. Since matriculating in 2008 I went on to study a Bachelor of Commerce Marketing Management degree. Having successfully completed my degree I came to the realisation that my passion was in teaching and not with the corporate and business world. To he ...

Ellen Zachariou

SAHETI Mathematics Teacher Class of 2008

SAHETI - a unique school that does not only provide its learners with formal access to schooling but develops all their learners to gain an enriched knowledge that ultimately enables them to become significant citizens in society, and thus stands true to its motto ‘Know Thyself’. I have been part of the SAHETI family since the age ...