The SAHETI Alumni Office in joint collaboration with the Independent Examination Board (IEB) of South African Schools produced research on achievements of Alumni. The emphasis of the project was to collate information on achievements post school with specific reference to which students were (i) recipients of the Dean’s List Award and/or (ii) honoured as members of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

The findings were exceptional and SAHETI is very proud of all its Alumni who are making a positive impact to societies throughout the world. The research was performed for only a number of years of matriculation and the plan is to extend it further. Therefore, the success stories profiled below are only a small percentage of the achievements of our vast Alumni community and we look forward to collating more information.

We congratulate the Alumni - a testament to SAHETI’s excellence in education!



Dean’s List Award


Golden Key International Honour Society


  Andreas Stephanou  
  Ellen Zachariou  
  YiQiong (Catherine) Yang  
  George Pantazopoulos  
  Zelia Sofianos


  Nicolas Koutsouvelis
  Christine Yiotopoulos


  Nicholas Bizos
  Basil Zafiropoulos
  Zana Basic  
  Leah Branco  
  Rachel Branco
  Alexandra Filiantris
  Cara-Lisa Sham  


  Kiki Spyropoulos
  Natalie Zoumboulis  
  Martha Constantopoulos    
  Nicola Lahoud  
  Daniella Brocco


  Monique Hoffman  
  Michael Zafiropoulos  
  Natasha Yiannoulis  


  Dimitri Clayton
  Alexia Sarris  
  Chrysis Sofianos
  Benjamin Winks
  Janet Lauder  
  Tamlyn Vorster  
  Dominique (Rizos) Fuchsloch  


  Basil Moutafis
  Eleni Philippou  
  Costas Yannakou


  Christina (Eleftheriades) Gardiner  
  Nicolas Meyer  


  Elena (Revelas) Vassou

The research produced is only the start of a broader project planned to track the success stories of SAHETI Alumni.

We apologise if your name and achievements are not reflected in the table above – the detail is based on the information received to date and it has not always been possible to track everyone.

Should you be a recipient of either award please email