It has been a dream of SAHETI Alumni to launch the SAHETI Alumni Support Fund initiative, a fund dedicated to helping children of Alumni of SAHETI who are in financial need. In February of this year, the SAHETI Alumni Committee launched the Alumni Support Fund, with the sole and dedicated purpose of providing bursaries and scholarships to deserving children of Alumni.

The launch phase was successful with many Alumni having donated to the Fund – making it possible for us to assist families immediately.

Our overwhelming sense of gratitude goes to all who have donated to get the fund going:

  • Basil Aronis
  • Nick Catrakilis
  • Paulette (Yiallouris) Comninos
  • Stratis Fotakis
  • Maria Gerondodoudis
  • Group Halamandaris
  • Dimitri & Nicole Kambas
  • Toli Kanaris
  • Vanessa (Beylis) Kerdachi
  • Konstas Brothers
  • Basil Moutafis
  • Savva Sideris
  • Aliki (Elia) Ttappous
  • Symeon Yiallouris
  • Several anonymous donations were also received.

Through various initiatives and events, in total, approximately R200,000 nett has been raised thanks to the generosity of the SAHETI Alumni family, parents, past parents and the broader community. The fund, which is administered by the SAHETI Alumni committee comprising of individuals who schooled at SAHETI, has awarded most of the funds. To date these funds have helped four Alumni families in need of financial assistance, with further assistance to be provided to others soon.

The aim is to continue to campaign and fundraise for this worthy cause as it expands and transforms the fund into one which can continue to fund children of Alumni in a sustainable manner.

The support towards this worthy cause has meant that we have been able to make the continued education of these children possible.

For more information about the fund