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House Plays 2017

Mr Taylor, SAHETI's executive headmaster comments on the 2017 inter-house plays.

"The House Plays left me immensely proud of our students, who were able to showcase their talents with confidence and a level of maturity that went well beyond my expectations. The students selected and wrote their own pieces that addressed ethical issues and some of the contemporary tragedy prevalent in society. They examined and depicted the, “not so pretty” of life with wisdom and immense tact – not allowing the performance to stoop to a level of being inappropriate. Bravo to our young, budding actors, playwrights and directors. I take this opportunity to thank our drama teachers, Miss Glyptis and Mr Sotiropoulos, for doing a wonderful job of inspiring our students to work hard and to reach for the stars. I wish the winning play “Mommy, I love you!” written and directed by Alexander Dale and Mirella Guiducci, every success at FEDA.”

The Liale Francis award for best original script: Apollo - Alexander Dale and Mirella Guiducci
The Thalia Joannides award for best production: Apollo - “Mommy, I love you"
Runner up: Athena - Death in a family
Best Set: Artemis
Best Poster: Apollo - George Lontos, Best Backstage: Artemis
The G + G adjudicators’ award: Apollo - The chorus
Best actress: Apollo - Natalie Kyriacou
Best actor: Athena - Kimon Statheros
Best Cameo performance: Athena - Mogaki Mogaki
Most promising actress: Hermes - Nodji Zinyemba
Most promising actor: Apollo - Jordyn Beiling
Best supporting actress: Hermes - Cassandra Babis
Best supporting actor: Athena - Harry Kapacos

Photographs: Mr F van der Merwe and SAHETI Media Club