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SAHETI Commemorates Pontian Greek Genocide 2017

Today SAHETI School held a commemoration of the Pontian-Greek genocide that took place between 1914 – 1923 in the region of Pontus (modern day northeastern Turkey). Some 353 000 Pontian-Greeks died as a result of systematic ethnic cleansing including massacres and deportations of the Christian Orthodox in this area. The aim of the initiative – led by SAHETI Primary School principal Mrs Sophia Zachariou - was to create a deeper understanding among pupils of the horrors and futility of genocide on humanity.

The Genocide Recognition Network in Athens applauded the initiative and sent a message to be read out on the day, which is officially recognized by several countries, and this year was commemorated for the first time by SAHETI School. The programme included readings and messages sent from the Pan-Hellenic Association and Panpontian Federation of Greece. Mr Harry Sideroploulos (actor, theatre producer and SAHETI alumnus) delivered an address and SAHETI pupils presented poignant cultural items.

Photos: SAHETI Media Club and Mrs Leeane Edwards;
Write-up: SAHETI Marketing department