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High School Outreach 2018

The SAHETI High School students were tasked with the leadership opportunity to plan an Outreach event to the Nomikeios Greek Old Age Home on Saturday, 10 March, from start to finish. In true SAHETI style, they embraced the opportunity with enthusiasm and vigour.

Teachers are always reluctant to loosen the reigns and give students full autonomy, so I must admit that I was a little apprehensive with what the outcome would be. Needless to say, our students rose to the occasion and prepared a morning of activities that was truly impressive. An otherwise ordinary Saturday morning was brought to life with a programme filled with gymnastics performances and Greek dancing.

In addition, there was a generous supply of sponsored food. One of the learners also spent his evening preparing pamper packs for each resident. Organization of this event was highly commendable, with the Outreach captain guiding the students along the way. Thank you to all the parents who assisted their children in acquiring sponsorships for this event and to the learners for giving up their time to bring a few hours of joy, that will be remembered for a long time, to the residents of the Home.

Write-up and photos: Mrs Belinda Soobramoney