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Primary School Chess League Results

SAHETI hosted one wing of the Primary Schools Chess League this year, and both our Senior and Junior A teams came first in their section. In the playoffs between the SAHETI and Grayston wing of the League that took place on 5 June however, our SAHETI teams came up against stiff competition.

The results were as follows:

Senior Primary A Division:
- Trophy winners: Crawford Sandton A
- Runners up: SAHETI A - Nikhil Pillay, Joshua Engelbrecht, Yu Qing Peng, Christopher Yen

All of these, except Nikhil Pillay, are Grade 4s, playing against Grade 7s from the Grayston Division.
We commend their ability to compete with players 3 years older than them. Joshua Engelbrecht was the only winner in this group.

Junior Primary Division:
- Trophy winners: King David Sandton A
- Runners up: SAHETI A - Costa Moustakis, Damian Palmos, Richard Zhang, Max Arnerius

Write-up: Ms Diana Cowen