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Education Beyond the Classroom Grade 1-3

During Education Beyond the Classroom week:

Grade 1:
visited a sweet factory, and learnt about the production and packaging processes; they built exploding volcanos out of paper mache and created a terrarium out of 2l plastic bottles; they also learnt about traditional rain dances and worked in groups to choreograph their own dance.
- Photos and write-up: Grade 1 teachers

Grade 2:
the pupils learnt about different production processes through making candles and by using bath salts; they constructed objects by using recycled material, and enjoyed a baking activity with Mini Chefs.
- Photos - Grade 2 teachers

Grade 3:
after designing their own maze, they visited the Honeydew Mazes, where they worked their way through the mazes as teams; they also learnt how to make sushi, and welcomed guest speaker Lee den Hond who shared her experience of summiting Mount Everest for charity.
- Photos - Gr 3 teachers