Endorsements - Past pupils, now staff at SAHETI

Fotoula Avagliano

SAHETI Alumni Community Officer

I started at SAHETI in 1984 in nursery school and I matriculated in 1999. SAHETI School’s belief and slogan is ‘ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ’ which in English means to ‘Know Thyself’. SAHETI taught me to love, to be happy and to know myself and know that anything I want to do in life, I can achieve. SAHETI taught me to work hard, to persevere, to be humble and to be true to myself. My three children currently attend this beautiful school and I know they will enjoy their schooling life here. SAHETI School is part of my family and my culture and always will be. I am honored and proud to be working at the school as the ‘SAHETI Alumni Community Officer’. SAHETI is an amazing school that is full of life, love, family, culture and a bright future. I love SAHETI School. 

George Sotiropoulos

Drama Teacher

When entering SAHETI, I did not know or even fathom how this school would open my eyes to the notions of family and respect. I developed a strong sense of family including staff and pupils, knowing they would have my back both in the class and on the field. Through respect,confidence was born. Confidence to get on stage and perform, and perform I did. Taking this new found confidence and love for performance I perused a career in drama and ultimately teaching.

Nadia Tsiaparis

Primary School (Grade 3)

I entered SAHETI School at the age of 12 as a Grade 6 pupil, and since that day it has become an important part of my life and development. Going through the schooling system at SAHETI was a privilege as this school has always held a prestigious title in not only the community but also in South Africa. I was blessed with seven years of superior education, and when the day came to leave SAHETI after completing my matric year it was emotional to say the least, yet I left knowing that I was prepared for what the future held for me. Proceeding to university, SAHETI never left my heart. I completed my Bachelor of Education at WITS with the help of SAHETI School, and on completion I was delighted to find that a position had opened at SAHETI and it was offered to me. Upon returning, this time as a Grade 3 teacher, I was able to see the other side of SAHETI, a side that was different to what I had imagined as a student. I learned to appreciate the hard work, dedication and unwavering loyalty of my fellow teachers, some of who had taught me as a student. I carry with me the values that I learnt and I am proud to be able to play a part in instilling these same values into the children I teach, as well as my own children in the future.

Ellen Zachariou

High School (Mathematics)

SAHETI promotes more than just access to an academic institution. It enables all pupils, no matter their diversity, to gain access to powerful and enriched knowledge. Every teacher aims to develop each individual’s full potential by making pedagogical choices with respect to lessons, resources and activities that address all pupils’ unique needs, learning interests and learning readiness. At SAHETI everyone develops self-worth and competence.

Evan Coconas

High School (Greek & History)

The SAHETI bug gives voice and reveals purpose. Nobody belongs to the mass. It's simple - SAHETI is a school with a heart!

Tania Patrikios

Father Petros Parginos

School Chaplain

SAHETI has been my extended family and my 'home from home' – nurturing, encouraging, sustaining, enriching. My schooling here was a joy and my role here now, as school Chaplain and educator, a privilege.

Tania Patrikios

Lia Georgiadis

Pre-Primary School (Greek)

SAHETI has played a significant role in the formation of the person I am today - 12 years as a student and another decade as an educator make up a great part of my life. It is without a doubt, my second home. And what most affirming of my approval than to enrol my own children at this educational institution. Having had a temporary teaching experience in Greece, I came to appreciate how unique and different this school is, and how it stands out from the rest. What I find most engaging at SAHETI are the wide-ranging interests both in sport and culture, all of which are equally informative, thought provoking and enriching. Through the Hellenic ethos of the school, not only do we have the opportunity to learn the language; we are also exposed to the traditions, culture and heritage of Greece. It is a privilege to be a part of this school, as it encourages each and every one to become an ambitious, creative and confident individual, opening abundant doors for the achievement of future aspirations.

Poppy Micheloudaki

Litsa Evangelou

Primary School Greek

There's never the word "never" at SAHETI... here everything is possible... whether you are a scholar, educator or parent. SAHETI's spirit and ethos is completely encompassed in the saying «Ο επιμένον νικά» - "He who perseveres succeeds".

Jenny Scalla

Jenny Scalla

High School Subject Advisor (Mathematics) and Data Manager

Contributing to SAHETI as a teacher, parent and past pupil is tremendously rewarding. It provides the opportunity to ensure that the SAHETI experience continues to be based on a relevant value system, cultural heritage and holistic approach to education that I have benefited from, and that I believe is unique and enriches the lives of every member of the SAHETI family.