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"Know Thyself" - Teachers' speeches at Assembly on Monday 3 June 2019


Ο Σωκράτης μίλησε για την αυτογνωσία ως ένα από τα πιο σημαντικά πράγματα που θα μπορούσε ένας άνθρωπος να καταφέρει πριν τελειώσει η ζωή του. Αυτό που εγώ έχω μάθει μέχρι τώρα στην ζωή είναι ότι ο δρόμος για την αυτογνωσία ξεκινάει με την ειλικρίνεια. Πρώτων και κύριων ειλικρινής με τον εαυτό σου και μετά με όλους τους άλλους γύρω σου. Από προσωπική εμπειρία μπορώ να σας πω πως αν διαλέξετε τον δρόμο της ειλικρίνειας η ζωή σας θα γεμίσει από αληθινούς φίλους, αληθινούς συμμαθητές και αληθινούς συνεργάτες, έστω και αν αυτοί είναι λίγοι.

Socrates spoke of knowing thyself as one of the most significant goals a person could accomplish before the end of their life. What I have learnt so far in life is that the road to knowing thyself begins with honesty. First and foremost being honest with yourself and then with everyone else around you. From personal experience I can tell you that if you choose the path of honesty, your life will be filled with true friends, true classmates and true colleagues, even if they are few.

- Mrs Dora Palierakis: Greek teacher


The choices in life start with the seemingly simple things – ‘which is your favorite toy?’; ‘best movie of all time?’; ‘what can be bought in the latest season of Fortnite?’ As we get older and more ‘worldly wise’, this oyster that we call life starts to become real and choice becomes a little harder to make and accept. We start to doubt our choices and ultimately ourselves. ‘Know thyself’ resonates loudly in this regard: knowing and believing in the choices you make makes that world of difference. I have faced many choices in my life and all of them have led to where I am today. The choice of coming to SAHETI as a student when I was younger and later as a teacher have all further instilled this idea of ‘Know thyself’. Knowing I am on the right track, even when days are dark and gloomy, all the choices that I believed in, have been the right ones - because I trusted and know myself.

- Mr George Sotiropoulos: Grade Controller Gr 9, Drama teacher & SAHETI Alumnus


‘Know thyself’ has always been part of my life even before I came to SAHETI. Perhaps this is why I am committed to SAHETI. I know that family is very important to me. I know that I am Italian. But I also know that I am an Italian in South Africa. And that changes things slightly. I know that I came to SAHETI as a teacher teaching English to Hellenes. While that may be confusing for some, it makes my sense of knowing myself even stronger. Why? Every choice I have made has re-affirmed that I know that I want to impart love of literature, teach each of my pupils about life. As Director of Academics, I know that I want you to realise your potential and while that journey can be challenging at times, I also know that I need to be there when you fall down. I know I can show you that it is normal to fear, to falter before you rise to great heights. I know that I want to show you that “know thyself” will help you always.

Knowing thyself is not only for now, but for life.’

- Dr Daniela Pitt: Director of Academics


I know that I am your TEACHER when you want to learn insurance or investments
I know that I am your TEACHER when you need to take home your distinctions
I know that I am your FRIEND when you need to laugh or share many of life’s blessings
I know that I am your MANAGER when you need to hand in your late assignment
I know that I am your LEADER when you need inspiration
I know that I am your MUM when you're in tears and you need me to listen
And whilst I know that you are here on loan to me, I must prepare myself for your Grade departure
I know that I am your TEACHER because I know I care
I Know Myself! Have you discovered YOUR-SELF?

- Mrs Joseina Ramgareeb: Head of Department Business Studies & Project Leader - President's Award