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Community Outreach

In the words of the great Mark Twain:
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

The Outreach programme at SAHETI endeavours to make these words particularly relevant by undertaking a multitude of activities that have supported numerous charities through the years. It is inspiring to see learners from the Playschool all the way up to Grade 12 pool their resources of time, energy, enthusiasm and commitment in a constant attempt to make the world a better place. The Outreach programme therefore forms an integral part of the cultural portfolio offered at SAHETI.

The most basic vision of any successful Outreach initiative should aim to serve the community, coupled with inculcating the life lessons of developing social conscience, compassion, humility and responsibility.

As a school, we have managed to send waves of kindness through a sea of destitute people. It seems that each year our Outreach programme grows in leaps and bounds in terms of learner participation and more essentially in terms of serving various causes in the community. Our vision is to create a more sustainable form of support for the homes we support instead of merely scattering our seeds of kindness. In this spirit, some of the homes that we regularly support are Little Eden, Sithandiwe Home for the Disabled, Mother Theresa's Home for AIDS patients, CHOC and Children of Fire. We also strive to improve disadvantaged schools by refurbishing classrooms, painting and donating stationery and much needed books on a regular basis.

SAHETI's Outreach programme adopts a very "hands-on" approach with regard to learner involvement. Although donations of any items are always welcome, the High School learners in particular, are required to complete both internal as well as external hours for certification purposes. External hours are completed at the learners' own discretion, whereas internal hours are arranged by the Outreach Committee.

Whilst Outreach is not a compulsory activity, community service is a pre-requisite for certain faculties at tertiary institutions and part of the Life Orientation curriculum. In essence, community service assists learners in their choice of careers and aid in character development.

In a nutshell: SAHETI's Outreach programme aims at instilling the school motto "Know Thyself" by acknowledging others in this wondrous yet turbulent world we live in.

"In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.' "
(Acts 20:35)

Little Eden Fete group
Learner interacting with elderly
SAHETI learners setting up packets of food for Little Eden
SAHETI learners setting up packets of food for Little Eden

On 11 June, the SAHETI Outreach Committee kick started their Mandela Day initiatives by refurbishing the Kempton Park SPCA. The learners spent the morning rust-proofing the boarding kennels that help the SPCA generate funds much needed funds for their daily running costs and exorbitant vet bills.

The learners also painted pallets that will be used as a fence to build a run for the dogs. Muscle power was used to also squash cans for recycling and the food storage facility was sorted out. The learners were commended by the organizer Nicole Heiman and the manager of the SPCA for their efforts and they were extremely grateful for our assistance. Other initiatives scheduled in support of Mandela Day are blanket and food collections for Children’s Places Children’s Minds and making up of “no-sew-blankets” that will be handed out at an event in Edenvale on 2 July.