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National & Provincial Representatives

SAHETI boasts a number of pupils as well as staff who have represented South Africa at provincial, national and international level;


Katia Houndalas SA Colours - Basketball
Shannon Tassopoulos SA Colours - Basketball
Alexia Panayi SA Colours - Netball
Tatiana Simopoulos SA Colours - Volleyball
Alexia Beretta SA Colours - Volleyball
Nicolette Bizos SA Colours - Gymnastics
Charis Bylos Participant at SA National Aquatics Gala - Bronze medallist in butterfly
Catherine Cayanis SA Colours - Life Saving
George Cayanis Participant at international swimming gala in Italy
Chris Charalambous Springbok - Boy Scout
Angelo Charalambous Springbok - Boy Scout
Matthew Hochstetter SA Colours - Soccer
Roe Krystallidis SA Colours - Karate
Angelo Louisou SA Colours - Karate
Aphrodite Louizou SA Colours - Karate
Anton Sherry SA Colours - Life Saving
Kyle Stylianou SA Colours - Soccer
Alexandra Parris SA Colours - Karate
Angelique Parris SA Colours - Karate
Alexandra Nichas SA Colours - Karate
Victor Spirou SA Junior Colours for Chess & Commonwealth Chess Champion U/12
Daniella Klonarides SA Colours - Fencing
Mario Neophytou SA Colours - Clay Target Shooting
Gabriela Isaacs SA Colours - eSports


Mr Lucky Loate SA Colours - Basketball
Miss Christina Mogale Gauteng West Senior Netball
Mrs Di Williamson Transvaal Colours – Swimming
Miss Alexia Cassar South Eastern Gauteng Colours - Soccer
Gauteng Colours - Ladies Volleyball
Miss Annika Avenant Northern Gauteng Colours - Senior Hockey (Indoor & Outdoor)
Northern Gauteng Colours - Masters Hockey (Outdoor)
Mrs Pam Lerm Eastern Gauteng Colours - Senior Squash (Singles)
Eastern Gauteng Colours - Masters Squash (Doubles)
Mr Emmanuel Cudjoenu Head Coach Gauteng U18 Basketball
Basketball National League champion and assistant coach with Tshwane Suns
Mr Grant Shaw Eastern Gauteng Colours - Tennis
Alexia Panayi: SA Colours - Netball
Mario Neophytou: SA Colours - Clay Target Shooting