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Educating citizens of the world, anchored in the school motto (“Know Thyself”), who are infused with and united in core values founded in the Hellenic and South African traditions, persons with integrity who are competitive globally in their ability to think critically, independently and creatively.


SAHETI provides a values driven education that focuses on the individual, developing in them a love of wisdom and life-long learning. We aim to provide an educational experience for the individual that will result in, the highest degree of personal growth, integrity and a responsibility towards community. As an English-medium, co-educational institution promoting the ethos and values of Hellenism we develop students who will excel in the real world and who will have an appreciation for the dignity of the Greek community. SAHETI exists for all South Africans residents who value excellence in education.

SAHETI aims to inculcate into our students a respect and love for the history, culture, language and religion of the Greek tradition and to be able to cater for the majority of students of Greek descent, from the community at large, who would want to partake of our teaching and learning.

Success is achieved through encouraging hard work on the part of our students, supported by quality teachers who provided a diversity of quality learning opportunities. Our teachers are dedicated to being at the forefront of modern educational thinking and strategies and will persist in recognizing, challenging and drawing out the best in our students from a foundation of healthy relationships and mutual respect. Teachers are encouraged to and supported in furthering their qualifications.

Education will be holistic and management will work towards providing the structures and systems that will allow all students to participate in a balanced academic, sporting and cultural programme. Collaboration, good team dynamics and emotional intelligence will be encouraged at all levels within the school. The school will focus on providing leadership opportunities, outdoor team activities and yearly excursions as part of its extended curriculum. The growth of the individual in critical, independent and creative thinking will be stimulated and celebrated. We will scaffold and teach critical thinking skills across all grades, within the existing curriculum so that students become efficient in their ability to reason and to apply philosophical thinking.

Traditional Greek dancing, singing and theatre will be integrated into the curriculum so as to develop the creative side of the individual and to provide a place for celebration and a sense of belonging. Our values are founded in a community that prioritises family and has at its roots a Christian foundation expressed through the traditions of the Greek Orthodox Church. Individuals who are respectful of self and others.

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