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High School Directors' Message

Through the first four decades since SAHETI has been educating adolescents, much has changed. It is these changes that we, at SAHETI, have viewed as opportunities rather than challenges. Apart from its distinctive academic record, the defining feature of SAHETI is its focus on an ethos that encourages free, independent thinking yet fosters an awareness of responsible action and ethical decision making.

We believe that a rich scholastic participation in diverse and exciting cultural and sporting activities should be carefully balanced with an astute academic programme. Individuality and the need for self-expression have inspired a creative environment which promotes self-actualisation, growth and leadership.

Although dynamic in our educational philosophy, core Hellenic values embedded in a rich classical tradition are the cornerstone of our vision and have remained a firm foundation binding our students, both past and present.

Our primary aim is to afford each Sahetian the opportunity to be a self-confident, inquiring and tolerant person; one who is an individual thinker and one who engages in the creative spirit of endless opportunities. By the time our students leave SAHETI, we have enabled them to ignite their inner strengths, however diverse, and in so doing offered them the assertion to forge a meaningful mark both nationally and globally.

Executive Head