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Playschool Principal's Message

At SAHETI Playschool we understand the essence of a child's future success. It is always firmly rooted in the fertile soil of educational excellence that is carefully established and nurtured in the vital formative years of a child's life.

Within the frame work of Hellenic values our children start their development and exploration in the knowledge that what is in their unique imaginations is real to them.

Every living thing, every captivating sound and every glinting light means a world of countless hours of exploration.

It is in this world of wonder that our children find the path towards becoming free-thinking individuals. People call it "playtime", but to them, and to us, it is more important and significant than that.

This is where life at school begins, its growth path where children are encouraged and stimulated to explore, investigate, discover and gather the tools they need to excel in education and life.