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Primary School - Sport

SAHETI Primary School values the role that sport plays in the holistic development of pupils. We strive to give each child a good foundation of sporting skills, and to encourage the enjoyment of sport with a view to promoting a lifelong commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle. To this end, we offer a wide variety of sporting codes with opportunities for both team sports and individual sports throughout the year.

Each pupil participates in one hour of physical education during class time each week, and in addition, during every sporting season our pupils participate in at least one extra-curricular sport activity. This will involve two practices each week, and any inter school fixtures for which they are selected. We have excellent sports facilities and access to the brand new HFPA Gym next door, for conditioning for our senior pupils.

SAHETI Primary School is a member of SAHISA - the Southern African Heads of Schools' Association, and subscribes to the Sports Philosophy and Aims as well as the Sports Code of Conduct which the members of this association in our region have agreed to adopt.

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SAHISA Primary Schools Sports Aims and Philosophy
SAHISA Primary Schools Sports Code of Conduct


Sporting Activities

Term 1.1

  • Basketball: Boys/Girls
  • Cricket: Boys only
  • Social Golf: Additional sport
  • Softball: Girls only
  • Swimming: Boys/Girls
  • Waterpolo: Gr6-7 Boys/Girls

Term 1.2

  • Cross Country: Boys/Girls *
  • Netball: Girls only *
  • Soccer: Boys only *

Term 2.1

  • Cross Country: Boys/Girls
  • Netball: Girls only
  • Soccer: Boys only
  • Tennis: Additional sport

Term 2.2

  • Athletics: Boys/Girls *
  • Hockey: Boys/Girls
  • Tennis: Boys/Girls

Term 3.1

  • Athletics: Boys/Girls
  • Soccer: Girls only
  • Tennis: Boys/Girls
  • Tag Rugby: Boys only

Term 3.2

  • Basketball: Boys/Girls *
  • Cricket: Boys only *
  • Softball: Girls only *
  • Swimming: Boys/Girls *
  • Tennis: Boys/Girls
  • Waterpolo: Gr6-7 Boys/Girls *

* Pre-Season