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Primary and High School PTA

The Parents' Teachers' Association is a fundamental link in the chain of an effective school. Traditionally, the PTA has been a fund raising organisation. Its role in recent years, however, has grown into one of a more co-operative alliance between the important people in children's lives: the parents and the teachers. Every single parent and teacher is a de facto member of the PTA.

The PTA welcomes your presence at their meetings. Not only would you find out all about the school, but you too will have a voice in shaping its future. Like any other organisation, the PTA needs constant input from new people with new ideas. Please join them. Look out for their notices and come to their meetings.


   Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month.


Chairperson: Terence Naicker
Vice Chairpersons: Tracy Keague
Ivor Crabbia
Treasurer: Richard Klinkert
Secretaries: Hellen Cassar
Kalia Christoforakis
Selwyn Naidoo Isabel Papadakis
Androulla Varnavides Judy Karpathakis
Thania Marrs